Finding Purpose: Rediscovering Meaning in a Life with Chronic Illness


What if purpose isn’t defined by education, gifts or passion, by what we are able to do or by what we’ve lost due to chronic illness?

What if, instead, purpose simply draws us toward God? What if we are called to be instead of to do?

FINDING PURPOSE is a 10-chapter study inviting you to rethink your understanding of purpose, to release cultural definitions and to embrace God’s – a definition both rooted in timeless biblical truths and as refreshing as a gentle spring rain.


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Writing Your Own Biblical Purpose Statement

By definition, purpose encompasses our intentions and objectives. It’s the reason something exists or was created, the reason we act or choose not to act.

Often when we think of purpose, we think in terms of employment, relationship status (daughter, son, friend, husband, wife, mother, father, neighbor), volunteer or service work, or contributions to society. And while those are good and valuable, they are only a partial definition.

Click here for a resource to help you develop your own purpose statement.


Writing Your Own Allegory

Allegory is a beautiful, artistic form of storytelling that weaves difficult or abstract truths in ways that are easily relatable and understandable. Meaning is often woven through places and characters named for their qualities, strengths or weaknesses.

Click here for a resource to enjoy writing your own allegory.


The Practice of Holy Reading

Lectio Divina is the ancient practice of slowly, contemplatively reading the words of Scripture, an invitation to encounter God through His Word, to pay close attention, to be fully present. As we step into the practice of holy reading, we begin to discover the underlying spiritual rhythm of our lives, a rhythm sewn into the creation of the world. Day follows night. Tides rise and fall. Months and seasons change as we note the waxing and waning of the moon. And we learn to celebrate new life, sometimes even as we grieve significant loss.

Click here for a resource to help you enter into this ancient practice.

Purpose used to haunt me constantly. What if I could never again do the things I loved to do? What if chronic illness permanently ripped away and erased my old self? What if I can’t ever support myself? What future is there for someone like me? What I’ve discovered is that meaning is an inherent part of being alive. FINDING PURPOSE doesn’t have all the answers, but it is the first step on a journey that will change your life.


Chronic illness warrior

It sounds cliché, but God spoke to me through the pages of FINDING PURPOSE. As I read each chapter, I was called to go deeper in Christ and to seek God’s true purpose for my life — what a humbling gift to know that although I’m still facing health challenges, I am loved and called by God for a specific purpose.


Living with chronic illness

FINDING PURPOSE will help you push through chronic illness as a defining destiny, gloriously refining you through the living Word of God. Cindee’s personal journey has redefined her life purpose: “to hold hope, seek beauty, chase light and dance with words, because that is how [she] experiences the presence of God, and speaks life into a broken, hurting world.”


FINDING PURPOSE brings to light the gift of our lives and of our calling.



Finding Purpose is one of the Chronic Joy THRIVE Series.
The companion resource is Grace, Truth & Time.
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